10 Must-Visit Destinations: Best Places to Travel in Oklahoma

Oklahoma boasts natural beauty, charming small towns, and historic sites, making it a great destination for travelers. Some of the best places to visit in Oklahoma include the vibrant city of Tulsa, the cowboy culture of Oklahoma city, and the scenic landscapes of the Wichita mountains wildlife refuge.

Oklahoma is a state full of cool things to do and see, from the vibrant and growing city of Tulsa to the peaceful small towns scattered across its countryside. Whether you’re interested in exploring the cowboy culture of Oklahoma city or hiking through the picturesque landscapes of the Wichita mountains wildlife refuge, Oklahoma is a paradise for travelers.

These are some of the best places to visit in Oklahoma, each offering a unique experience and a chance to discover the state’s natural beauty, charm, and history. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the best that Oklahoma has to offer!

10 Must-Visit Destinations: Best Places to Travel in Oklahoma

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10 Must-Visit Destinations: Best Places To Travel In Oklahoma

If you’re looking for a unique vacation destination with a diverse range of outdoor activities, historical sites, and cultural experiences, then Oklahoma should be on your list. Here are the 10 must-visit destinations for the best places to travel in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma city is the capital of oklahoma and a must-visit destination with diverse attractions. Here are the key points to note:

  • The oklahoma city national memorial and museum is a must-visit.
  • The city has a vibrant art scene.
  • Bricktown entertainment district features various restaurants, bars, and shops.
  • The science museum oklahoma and national cowboy & western heritage museum are excellent family-friendly options.


Tulsa is a city that has a rich history and a booming art scene. Here are the key points to note:

  • Philbrook museum of art is a must-see destination.
  • Check out the art deco architecture that is predominant in the city.
  • Visit the gilcrease museum to learn about native american history.
  • Tulsa’s gathering place is a large park perfect for outdoor activities.


Norman is a college town known for the university of oklahoma and the oklahoma sooners football team. Here are the key points to note:

  • The sam noble museum of natural history is an exciting destination for all ages.
  • Visit the fred jones jr. museum of art and appreciate the art collections.
  • The city has numerous restaurants and bars to explore.


Lawton is a city located in southwestern oklahoma, and it is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts:

  • The wichita mountains wildlife refuge is a recreational destination for hiking, camping, and wildlife watching.
  • The museum of the great plains is a museum showcasing the history and culture of the great plains.
  • The city has several dining options to satisfy your cravings.

Broken Bow

Broken bow is a city situated in the southeast of oklahoma, close to the arkansas border. Here are the key points to note:

  • Beavers bend state park is a popular destination for fishing and boating activities.
  • Visit hochatown state park for great scenery and trekking spots.
  • Take a stroll around broken bow lake.


Sulphur is a city located in the chickasaw national recreation area. Here are the key points to note:

  • Turner falls is a must-visit destination.
  • The chickasaw cultural center is an excellent learning ground for history and culture enthusiasts.
  • Sulphur springs is a scenic spot for a picnic.


Durant is a town situated in southeastern oklahoma, known for its significance to the choctaw nation. Here are the key points to note:

  • Visit the choctaw casino resort for entertainment options like games, restaurants, and accommodations.
  • The three valley museum gives an insight into the history of bryan county.
  • Lake texoma offers recreational activities such as boating and fishing.


Bartlesville is a city located in northeastern oklahoma. Here are the key points to note:

  • Visit the woolaroc museum and wildlife preserve to see western art and wildlife.
  • The price tower arts center has a magnificent architecture and appreciation of contemporary art.
  • Osage hills state park is an excellent destination for nature lovers.


Edmond is a city located in northern oklahoma, and it is home to numerous outdoor recreation destinations. Here are the key points to note:

  • Visit the arcadia round barn for a unique historic experience.
  • The city has several parks for outdoor activities, including mitch park, e.c. Hafer park, and bickham-rudkin park.
  • The butterfly garden and pollinator pavilion is a must-visit destination for nature lovers.


Stillwater is a college town located in northern oklahoma, and it is home to oklahoma state university. Here are the key points to note:

  • The national wrestling hall of fame and museum is a must-visit destination for sports enthusiasts.
  • Visit the zannotti’s wine bar for wine tastings and live music.
  • The boomer lake park is excellent for outdoor activities like fishing and boating.

Oklahoma has so much to offer, from historic sites to outdoor activities, art scenes to scenic parks. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique vacation experience.

Route 66

History Of Route 66 And Its Significance In Oklahoma

Route 66, also known as the main street of america, was established in 1926 and gained immense significance in oklahoma during the great depression. The route not only provided the much-needed transportation for families migrating westward but also offered new business opportunities along the way.

Here are some important points to note:

  • Route 66 stretches over 400 miles across oklahoma, from the northeastern town of quapaw to the western edge of the panhandle in texola.
  • During the 1930s, the route became the primary route for those migrating westward in search of employment and better living conditions.
  • Many small towns in oklahoma thrived due to the business opportunities established along the route, including gas stations, motels, and restaurants.
  • Today, the route stands as a testament to oklahoma’s history and legacy and serves as a popular tourist destination.

Top Attractions And Best Stops To Make Along The Route

There are many fascinating attractions and stops along the route 66 in oklahoma. Here are some of the best places you can visit:

  • Pops in arcadia, a popular destination for soda lovers with over 700 flavors of soda on offer.
  • Round barn in arcadia, a historic landmark built in 1898 that served as a community center in the past.
  • Rock cafe in stroud, another famous landmark established in 1939 and known for its unique architecture and delicious burgers.
  • Oklahoma route 66 museum in clinton is a must-visit attraction for history buffs, displaying the rich history of route 66 and its significance in oklahoma.
  • The coleman theatre in miami is a beautiful restored theatre from the 1920s that features live performances and movies.

Tips On Planning A Route 66 Road Trip

Planning a route 66 road trip can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to make your journey easier:

  • Plan your route beforehand, research and decide on the places you want to visit and the time you have for each stop.
  • Make sure to have enough time in hand to enjoy the attractions and the journey, as it is not just about the destination.
  • Carry a route 66 guidebook or map to avoid getting lost and ensure you see all the significant landmarks.
  • Have a flexible schedule, allowing you to add or remove stops according to your interests.
  • Pack for the journey, carrying essentials like snacks, water, sunscreen, and first aid supplies.

Visiting route 66 in oklahoma is an exciting journey that not only provides a glimpse into the state’s history but also offers exciting adventures and experiences. Ensure to plan your trip and make the most out of the experience!


Historical And Cultural Significance Of Tulsa

Tulsa, a city situated in the northeastern part of oklahoma, is rich in history and culture. The city has a story worth telling, from being the “oil capital of the world” to being a major hub for african american businesses and culture.

A few of the significant landmarks and cultural hotspots that make tulsa so unique are:

The greenwood district: Known as the “black wall street,” it was one of the most prosperous african american communities in the united states in the early 20th century.

Cain’s ballroom: A site of historical and cultural significance for many years, which is known for being the birthplace of western swing music.

Gilcrease museum: The primary museum of art and history in tulsa. It houses a diverse collection of native american artwork.

Must-Visit Attractions In Tulsa

Tulsa has many attractions that provide tourists with a unique experience. Here are a few must-visit spots you won’t want to miss:

Philbrook museum of art: Situated in a beautiful italian renaissance villa, this museum houses a vast selection of european, american, and contemporary art.

Tulsa zoo: A 85-acre zoo that features more than 400 animal species and other interactive attractions like a safari train and a wildlife carousel.

Gathering place: A riverside park that stretches across 100 acres of land. It features several playgrounds, water attractions, and beautiful landscaping designs.

Best Restaurants And Accommodations In Tulsa

Tulsa has a diverse selection of restaurants where visitors can indulge in all types of cuisine. Here are a few of the city’s best restaurants:

Bull in the alley: A classic steakhouse located in the heart of downtown tulsa that serves some of the best steak and seafood dishes.

Chimera cafe: A creative cafe that serves specialty coffee, delicious sandwiches, pizzas, and vegan and gluten-free options.

The vault: Located in the tulsa deco district, this restaurant offers an upscale menu featuring modern american cuisine.

When it comes to accommodations, tulsa offers options that cater to every type of traveler.

The mayo hotel: A historic luxury hotel that features elegant rooms, fine dining, and is conveniently located in downtown tulsa.

The campbell hotel: A boutique hotel situated in the tulsa university neighborhood. It has a unique design, vintage furnishings, and offers a cozy atmosphere.

Tulsa is a city with an abundance of history, culture, attractions, and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s art and history scene, indulging in delicious food or simply enjoying the outdoors, tulsa is a must-visit destination.

Oklahoma City

Highlights Of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma city is a vibrant city with plenty of activity and attraction for both tourists and locals to enjoy. Here are some highlights of oklahoma city:

Bricktown: A picturesque entertainment district located in downtown oklahoma city. Here, you can enjoy canal walks, restaurants, bars, and shopping in historic buildings.

Oklahoma city national memorial & museum: A beautiful tribute to the victims of the oklahoma city bombing in 1995. The museum is a great way to learn about the tragedy and how the community has rebounded since then.

Best Outdoor Activities

Not only is oklahoma city a bustling city, but it also offers lots of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Here are some of the best outdoor activities to do in oklahoma city:

Hiking: The stinchcomb wildlife refuge and martin park nature center are great places to hike and enjoy nature.

Biking: The oklahoma river trails offers 13 miles of scenic bike paths along the river that lead to various parks and attractions.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Oklahoma City

The best time to visit oklahoma city would be between april to june and september to november. This is when the weather is comfortable and mild, with lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. During the summer months, it can be scorching hot, and the winter can have unpredictable weather.

So, plan your trip accordingly!

Overall, oklahoma city is a great place to visit to experience both city life and outdoor activities. Take your time to enjoy all that this wonderful city has to offer.

Beavers Bend State Park

Overview Of Beavers Bend State Park

Beavers bend state park is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts who seek an escape from their busy lives. Located in southeastern oklahoma, this state park is known for its beautiful landscapes, lush forests, and crystal-clear waters. Spread over 1,300 acres, beavers bend offers an array of outdoor activities that visitors can enjoy with their families and friends.

A few of these activities include hiking, swimming, paddle boating, and fishing.

Must-Do Outdoor Activities

Hiking: beavers bend state park offers miles of hiking trails that meander through the stunning wooded areas of the park. Whether you prefer an easy stroll or a challenging hike, there is a trail for everyone. Some popular hiking trails in the park include the beaver lodge nature trail, the skyline trail, and the david boren trail.

Fishing: if you’re an angler at heart, beavers bend state park is an excellent place to drop a line. The park has dozens of fishing locations along the lower mountain fork river, where visitors can catch rainbow trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass.

Horseback riding: one of the most popular activities at beavers bend state park is horseback riding. The park offers guided horseback rides, allowing visitors to explore the beautiful nature trails on horseback and immerse themselves in the park’s natural beauty.

Best Time Of Year To Visit Beavers Bend State Park

The best time of year to visit beavers bend state park depends on your preferences. If you like warm weather, then the summer months (june-august) are perfect for swimming, fishing, and kayaking. During the fall months (september-november), the foliage turns into vibrant colors, creating a picturesque view for visitors.

The winter months (december-february) offer visitors a chance to enjoy activities such as ice fishing, ice-skating, and sledding. And finally, the spring months (march-may) are an excellent time to visit as the park comes alive with blooming flowers, birdwatching opportunities, and the perfect weather for outdoor activities.

Arbuckle Mountains

Overview Of The Arbuckle Mountains And Its Natural Beauty

The arbuckle mountains, located in southern oklahoma, offer a stunning display of natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. The mountains are over 1. 4 billion years old and boast of mesmerizing limestone structures and crystal-clear streams. The arbuckle mountains provide an ideal getaway destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Here are some of the highlights of this fantastic destination that you shouldn’t miss.

Must-Visit Attractions In The Arbuckle Mountains

The arbuckle mountains provide you with an opportunity to explore the best of nature. Apart from the sensational natural surroundings, you can visit some must-see attractions such as turner falls park and chickasaw national recreation area. Here are more details on the attractions.

Turner falls park: One of the most beautiful parks in oklahoma, featuring the tallest waterfall in the state, turner falls park is a natural gem. You can take a dip in the cool blue water or hike along the creek beds to make the most out of the experience.

Chickasaw national recreation area: This national park offers an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts. With abundant hiking trails, beautiful springs, and scenic waterfalls, the park provides an ideal destination for nature lovers.

Best Hiking Trails In The Arbuckle Mountains

Apart from the breathtaking views and must-visit attractions, the arbuckle mountains offer incredible hiking trails that will give an entirely new perspective on the region’s natural beauty. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the arbuckle mountains.

Little niagara falls trail: A scenic hike with a fabulous waterfall view, little niagara falls trail is an easy to moderate hiking trail that is kid-friendly.

Rock garden trail: This beautiful hiking trail is located in the chickasaw national recreation area and offers stunning views of the natural surroundings. The trail is rocky, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Bison trail: A mildly challenging hike, the bison trail takes you through diverse terrains, including rocky hills, lush forests, and streams. The trail offers fantastic views of the arbuckle mountains.

The arbuckle mountains are packed with some fantastic natural attractions and an abundance of outdoor activities. It’s a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts, families, and couples. Therefore, make sure to include the arbuckle mountains on your bucket list and enjoy everything this beautiful location has to offer.

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

The tallgrass prairie preserve is a unique travel destination that nature enthusiasts shouldn’t miss when visiting oklahoma. With more than 39,000 acres, this preserve is the largest protected area of tallgrass prairie left on earth. Here are some key things to know before planning your visit to the tallgrass prairie preserve, starting with an introduction to this stunning natural attraction.

Introduction To The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

The tallgrass prairie preserve provides a rare glimpse into what the great plains were like before civilization. Here are some of the highlights to look out for:

  • Witness the beauty of wildflowers in bloom during spring and summer
  • Feel the wind blowing across your face as you stand in the heart of the prairie
  • Observe the fascinating habits and habitat of prairie chickens during their courtship dance each spring
  • Spot herds of bison and appreciate their majesty

Best Ways To Spot Bison And Other Wildlife

Spotting wildlife at the tallgrass prairie preserve can require some patience and luck, but here are some tips to increase your chances:

  • Early mornings and late afternoons are the best times to spot bison and other animals
  • Binoculars can be very helpful for viewing bison and other wildlife from a safe distance
  • Stay in your car while you observe wildlife, as bison can be unpredictable and charge at any time
  • Avoid wearing bright colors, using strong perfumes or making loud noises that could potentially scare away wildlife

How To Prepare For A Visit To The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Properly planning ahead for your visit to the tallgrass prairie preserve will help ensure that it’s a memorable and safe experience. Here are some useful tips to prepare for your visit:

  • Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes with good traction, as walking trails can be uneven and rocky
  • Dress in layers since weather at the preserve can change quickly and may vary in different areas
  • Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent
  • Don’t forget to bring binoculars, as they could enhance your wildlife sightings
  • Check the preserve’s website for updates on weather conditions, park closures and ranger programs before the visit

Grand Lake

Overview Of Grand Lake And Its Many Recreational Opportunities

Grand lake is a beautiful and expansive body of water situated in northeastern oklahoma. It is one of the largest lakes in the state, providing ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Here are a few highlights:

  • With over 1,300 miles of shoreline, grand lake is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and lounging on the beach.
  • Fishing is a popular activity on grand lake, with anglers flocking to the waters in search of bass, catfish, and crappie. The lake is also home to a variety of other fish species, making it a great destination for any fishing enthusiast.
  • Boating is another favorite pastime on grand lake. Visitors can rent boats, kayaks, or canoes to explore the lake and its many coves and secluded alcoves.
  • For those looking for a bit of adventure, grand lake is also a great spot for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing.

Must-Do Activities, Including Fishing, Boating, And Camping

Grand lake has an abundance of activities that are sure to keep visitors entertained. Here are a few must-dos:

Fishing: As mentioned earlier, fishing is a popular activity on grand lake and a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon. Make sure to bring your fishing gear and try your luck at catching some of the lake’s many fish species.

Boating: Whether you prefer to explore the lake in a sailboat, motorboat, or kayak, there are plenty of options for boating on grand lake.

Camping: For those looking to spend the night, there are numerous camping options in the surrounding area. From rv sites to primitive campsites, there is something for every type of camper.

Hiking: The area around grand lake is home to several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the lake and surrounding wilderness areas.

Best Places To Eat And Stay Near Grand Lake

After a busy day of exploring grand lake, visitors will want to unwind and recharge. Here are some top spots for eating and staying near the lake:

The summit restaurant: This restaurant offers breathtaking views of grand lake and serves up delicious dishes that are sure to please any palate.

Lee’s grand lake resort: This resort offers cozy cabins and cottages, as well as rv sites, for those looking to stay near the lake. They also have a range of recreational options available, including a pool and mini-golf course.

Har-ber village museum: Located just a short drive from the lake, this museum and historic village offers a unique glimpse into oklahoma’s past.

The artichoke: This quaint cafe in langley serves up delicious sandwiches and salads, as well as a variety of baked goods. It’s the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a mid-afternoon snack.

Chickasaw Cultural Center

Overview Of The Chickasaw Cultural Center And Its Importance To Oklahoma’S Native American Culture

Home to oklahoma’s native american heritage, the chickasaw cultural center is a must-visit place in the state. This center is a dedication to the distinct culture of the chickasaw nation and features galleries, exhibits, and interactive displays. It’s rich with history and culture, highlighting the art, literature, music, and language of the chickasaw nation.

Here are some key points to understand the significance of this remarkable place to oklahoma’s native american culture:

  • The main goal of the chickasaw cultural center is to create a sense of understanding of the chickasaw nation and other tribes so the people can learn about this unique culture that’s been present in the state for several hundred years.
  • The chickasaw cultural center and its exhibition is a great homage to the chickasaw nation history and culture. For many native americans, the chickasaw cultural center serves as a place to both remember the past and share its culture with others.
  • Exhibits in the center tell the story of the chickasaw nation from pre-contact to modern days. As culture, language, and traditions continue to evolve, this place is a living testament to history.

Must-See Exhibits And Events At The Center

The chickasaw cultural center features several exhibits and events that leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Here are some of the must-visit exhibits and events to add to your itinerary:

Anoli’ theater: The anoli’s theatre is an interactive digital experience that takes guests on a ride through chickasaw history and culture.

Spirit forest: You will be amazed by the stunning nature of this place featuring an awe-inspiring outdoor walking trail, as well as indoor and outdoor exhibits that showcase the importance of mother nature in chickasaw culture.

Stomp grounds: Set up with thatched-hut, you can get a taste of chickasaw folk culture and activities like stomp dancing, storytelling, making pottery, beadwork, and more.

The chikasha poya exhibit center: This exhibit center features several spaces and galleries with art, artifacts, and handmade crafts made by chickasaw artists and craftsmen.

Best Time Of Year To Visit The Chickasaw Cultural Center

The chickasaw cultural center is open year-round and welcomes visitors of all ages. However, if you’re looking to attend any special events or festivals, it would be best to plan your visit accordingly.

Here are some key highlights of the best time of year to visit the chickasaw cultural center:

Spring and fall: Seasonal festivals and events take place at the center during the spring and fall months, like the chickasaw celebration, tribal art show & sale, and fall festival.

Summer: Summer is perfect for outdoor activities and performances at the center’s amphitheater.

Winter: The winter season promises a unique experience with holiday-themed events and activities.

Plan your trip today, and don’t forget to bring your family and friends to experience the rich cultural heritage at the Chickasaw cultural center.


Is a hidden gem in oklahoma, offering an array of outdoor activities, delicious dining options, and comfortable accommodations. This quaint town is an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful retreat while exploring nature’s beauty. Let’s dive into the must-see attractions and activities in woodward.

Introduction To Woodward And Its Many Attractions

Woodward is a small town located in the northwest region of oklahoma, renowned for the vast plains, scenic valleys, and diverse flora and fauna. Here are some of the top attractions in woodward:

Boiling springs state park: A beautiful park with natural springs, hiking trails, camping grounds, and fishing spots.

Crystal beach park: A perfect spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll, boasting a beautiful lake in the center of the park.

Plains indians and pioneers museum: An insightful museum featuring exhibits on the history and culture of the native americans and pioneers.

Best Outdoor Activities, Such As Fishing And Hunting In Woodward

Woodward provides a plethora of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts. Check out these exciting activities:

Fishing: Head to boiling springs state park or the nearby fort supply lake for some excellent fishing opportunities.

Hunting: The woodward area offers outstanding hunting opportunities for pheasants, quails, and white-tailed deer.

Hiking: Explore the scenic trails and natural wonders at boiling springs state park and little sahara state park.

Golfing: Woodward boasts three challenging golf courses offering beautiful landscapes and top-notch facilities.

Recommendations For The Best Restaurants And Accommodations In Woodward

Woodward offers a variety of dining options and comfortable accommodations. Here are some of our top picks:


The blossom’s at woodward: A local favorite known for its juicy steaks, fresh seafood, and tasty sides.

The cattleman’s cafe: A classic diner that serves delicious burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes.

Matt’s place drive-in: A retro-style diner with a wide range of burgers, hot dogs, fries, and shakes.


Northwest inn: A cozy inn with clean and comfortable rooms, complimentary breakfast, and an outdoor pool.

Hampton inn and suites: A modern hotel with spacious rooms, a fitness center, and complimentary breakfast.

La quinta inn and suites by wyndham: A welcoming hotel with a beautiful indoor pool, a hot tub, and a continental breakfast.

Woodward is a fantastic vacation destination that offers a mix of natural beauty, outdoor activities, great food, and comfortable lodging. So pack your bags and head to this beautiful town for an unforgettable experience!

FAQs Of Best Places To Travel In Oklahoma

What Are Some Popular Tourist Attractions In Oklahoma?

Some popular tourist attractions in oklahoma include the oklahoma city national memorial, turner falls park, and philbrook museum of art.

What Are The Best Times Of The Year To Visit Oklahoma?

The best times to visit oklahoma are in the spring (april-may) and fall (september-november) when the weather is mild.

What Are Some Family-Friendly Activities To Do In Oklahoma?

Some family-friendly activities to do in oklahoma include visiting the tulsa zoo, frontier city theme park, and the science museum oklahoma.

What Are Some Must-Try Foods In Oklahoma?

Some must-try foods in oklahoma include chicken fried steak, fried okra, and bbq (especially ribs and brisket).

What Are Some Good Places To Stay In Oklahoma For A Weekend Getaway?

Some good places to stay in Oklahoma for a weekend getaway include the Skirvin Hilton hotel in Oklahoma city, the ambassador hotel in Tulsa, and the echo canyon spa resort in Sulphur.

Last Word

With so many hidden gems, scenic spots, and cultural attractions, oklahoma is an incredibly diverse state. From the buzzing city life of oklahoma city to the tranquil hills of the ozarks, there is something to suit every traveler’s interests. If you are a fan of natural beauty, don’t miss out on a visit to broken bow lake or beavers bend state park.

For history lovers, the route 66 museum or the philbrook museum of art are perfect destinations. The city of tulsa offers a thriving arts scene, while the wichita mountains wildlife refuge is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Not only do all these unique places offer an authentic american experience, but they can also make unforgettable memories for you to cherish for years to come.

Oklahoma may not be the first destination that comes to mind when planning a trip, but with so many incredible places to visit, it is certainly worth considering.